Why whiteboard

Why whiteboard animation works?

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and it’s only getting harder to stand out and be heard.
We’re said to have shorter attention spans than a goldfish – 8 seconds would you believe?

Video is effective

A Digital Doodle Ad can capture a lot in a little amount of time and prompt an emotional response that motivates us to buy. Video marketing is nearly twice as effective in driving purchases as image or text ads, so there’s no denying it – video should be in your marketing arsenal. And you may be surprised at how cost effective whiteboard animation is.

What are you spending on PPC?

Having a video on your landing page can even reduce your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign costs. The more engaged your audience is with your video, the longer they’ll stay on your site and the more you’ll be rewarded. A longer dwell time means lower costs for you!

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