Terms and conditions

Digital Doodle Ads Agreement

Doodle Ads Ltd is a hand crafted video, created by professional scriptwriters, cartoonists and video editors.

Doodle Ads Ltd agree to create a custom cartoon video for the client on placement of an order. We aim to deliver your video within 7 working days from signed off script.


We write your script based upon an initial form you will be asked to complete. A draft script is then delivered, and you will provide feedback to the scriptwriter who will edit the script, until both parties are happy to proceed to images. Any changes required after this sign off point will incur additional charges.

Our standard scripts consist of one paragraph of text per frame of drawing. Paragraphs must be no more than 3 lines long, based upon Arial 12 point font and standard margins (using our template). If additional paragraphs and frames are needed, supplementary charges will apply.

Number of frames and paragraphs per video are
30 seconds = 3 frames
60 seconds = 6 frames
90 seconds = 9 frames

Please note timings are approximate. The fixed element is the number of drawings.

You agree that our artist and editors have license to interpret the script as he sees fit, and that what is delivered is the final version. If changes are required after this, supplementary charges will apply.


A professional voice over artist will create an audio file for the video. The client is at liberty to supply their own voice over audios. This quote is based on using one of our in house voiceover artists. If a different voice is required additional charges will apply.


In the unlikely event that the Client finds illustrations in the video offensive, Doodle Ads may at its sole discretion, alter parts of the video. The client is at liberty to commission changes to the video, but these changes will incur supplementary charges.

Usage Rights

Doodle Ads Ltd retains full copyright of all individual images, and the video file, in perpetuity. Once full payment has been successfully processed, the client will inherit full usage rights to the final video file.

However, the client does not acquire any rights to any of the characters or assets contained within or used to create the video file, or any resell rights. The client may not, without prior permission, edit the file, or grant usage of the file to any other party. The client may request a usage license to the images used in the video file, but supplementary license fees will apply.


Doodle Ads Ltd reserve the right to use the client videos for marketing purposes, unless specifically requested not to by the client. The normal price does not include embedding videos onto a client’s site, although support for clients will be offered in the event of technical difficulties.

Supplementary Charges

Additional frames added to script = from $175 + GST
Redrawn frames = from $175 + GST
Reedit fee = from $175 + GST
Premium Voiceovers = Varies per VO artist
Additional licensing = Varies by project
License to use the still images in non commercially published work = from $250 + GST per image

Doodle Ads Ltd reserve the right to changes these terms and conditions at any time.